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Jack Heckel Jack Heckel

"Once upon a time in, a land of fairytale,
on a hill of green, stood a shining castle of white..."
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Pitchfork of Destiny
Now available in paperback!

ack Heckel welcomes you to his world! Our third full-length book, Pitchfork of Destiny, is now available. In this volume Will, Charming, Liz and Elle meet new dastardly foes, including an urbane dragon, a despicable wolf, a terrible puppet wielding sorcerer, and, of course, the music stylings of the Bremen Four! We hope you’ll join us for this new chapter in The Charming Tales.

The Pitchfork of Destiny


Once upon, once again ...

The dragon has been slain, but the problems have just begun for Prince Charming.

Life in the Kingdom of Royaume has been happily ever for King William Pickett and his fiancée, Lady Rapunzel. But when Volthraxus, the Great Dragon of the North, returns looking for the love of his life, the Great Wyrm of the South, it becomes clear that some fairy tales never end...

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