About Jack Heckel

Jack Heckel’s life is an open book, actually, the book you will in all hope be reading shortly (and if you find yourself without a Jack Heckel novel to read, he would like to tell you they can be purchased from any of your finest purveyors of the written word).

Beyond that, Jack aspires to be either a witty, urbane, world-traveller who lives on his vintage yacht, The Clever Double Entendre, or a geographically illiterate professor of literature who spends his non-writing time restoring an 18th century lighthouse off a remote part of the Vermont coastline. Whatever you want to believe of him, he is without doubt the author of two series of novels published by Harper Voyager: the Charming Tales and the Mysterium Trilogy. So, no matter what rumors you might hear about Jack, particularly those spread by either litigious dwarves or litigious dwarfs, ignore them, because he is almost certainly working on a new novel. Because more than anything, Jack lives for his readers.

Despite whatever Jack may claim, in reality, Jack Heckel is the pen name for John Peck and Harry Heckel.

John Peck

John Peck is the West Coast appendage of Jack, living in California. He wouldn’t necessarily say that he always wanted to be a writer, but he definitely has always loved telling stories. To keep the lights on he works as an intellectual property attorney—just like Calvin’s dad of Calvin and Hobbes fame. (Seriously, Calvin’s dad was a patent attorney, which is probably the coolest thing about being a patent attorney.)

Harry Heckel

Harry Heckel is the East Coast side of Jack, focusing on the Heckel aspect and living in Virginia. He has always wanted to be a writer, and notably has written a number of roleplaying games. In addition to being half of Jack, he’s also half of Lee Lightner, as the co-author of two novels set in the grim darkness of the 41st millennium. On rare occasions, he’s just himself too. He works as a QA team lead during the day because he has a gift for breaking computers.