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The Darker Lord

The second novel of Jack Heckel’s Mysterium series, The Darker Lord follows beleaguered former Dark Lord Avery Stewart as he is forced to take up his cloak and his Imp once again and travel the doors between realms in order to keep the fabric of the universe intact. More or less intact, anyway.

In The Dark Lord, Avery had an epiphany about the Mysterium. Only now he can’t remember what it was, no matter how much coffee he drinks or how many times he reads the novel published from his notes. What he does know is that he has become the most famous mage in the multiverse, and no one is happy with him. His fellow mages are upset at his rapid promotion, Dawn and Eldrin are tired of him spending his days on their couch watching bad TV, and Harold the Imp won’t talk to him.

Luckily, things can always get worse. And they do when the Administration’s enforcer, Moregoth, arrives at the first lecture of the semester to apprehend two of Avery’s new students for undoubtedly sinister reasons. In a fit of foolishness and heroism, Avery defies the university and flees with his friends into subworld. There, he reunites with his former allies from Trelari and thus begins a frantic race through the multiverse to escape Moregoth.

But as Avery’s amnesia begins to fade, he realizes his loss of memory is no accident, that he is caught in a conspiracy as terrifying as Mysterium University’s Student Records Building—and that his friends might not all be on his side.


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His picture may not show it, but Jack is always working on something new for his beloved readers to enjoy. On this page you can find summaries and even snippets of what Jack is writing or dreaming of writing. Check back often and when you do send Jack an email and let him know what you want to read next!

Greetings from Jack

Jack Heckel welcomes you to his whimsical worlds! To give you a little orientation, Jack Heckel is the pen name for the writing duo of John Peck and Harry Heckel (shown in approximation in the About section). Our novels like to have a little fun with common fantasy and sci-fi tropes. In the Books section you can read about our two series: The Charming Tales, which twists fairy tales in amusing ways; and The Mysterium Trilogy, which is part Lord of the Rings, part Dungeons & Dragons, a touch of World of Warcraft, a hint of Magic: The Gathering, and a wee pinch of Amber, just for good measure. Please browse and explore. If you see something you like please let us know. If you don’t see something you would like to know about let us know that too, and you can be sure we will respond.

Jack Heckel is the writing team of John Peck and Harry Heckel.


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