A Fortnight of Activity

Posted on September 14, 2014 by Simon appleby

Sharing is Caring

It only seems like yesterday that we were staring at the websites for Amazon, Amazon UK, iBooks, Barnes and Noble while coming up with more sites and wondering a singular question: Is Once Upon a Rhyme on sale yet?

Upon seeing the sales ranks move as people purchased the book (and again, thank you to all of our readers), perhaps there should have been a sense of relief, a moment to exhale, a chance to dream of the yacht The Clever Double Entendre being more than a fantasy.

Alas, there was so much more to do. Besides being hypnotized by sales, planning events with our fantastic publicist, writing articles on fairytales at Tor.com (which for the record, we love Frozen) edits were needed to finalize Happily Never After. So, it’s been off to the editing work, and now, we are awaiting the final round.

So, the goal for the next week will to provide more blogs. If anyone has any thoughts or questions they’d like us to address, leave a comment or send an email. Ping us on Twitter. We’re game.

We appreciate all the support as the story of Charming, Will, Liz and everyone else begins.

Happily Ever After,


Sharing is Caring

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