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Posted on October 26, 2014 by Simon appleby

Sharing is Caring

Although it was two weekends ago, I feel like I’m still recovering from New York Comic Con. It was fun to be Jack Heckel and get to meet so many fans of fairy tales. I had a number of great talks with fans, mostly involving my giving out free copies of Once Upon a Rhyme (still on sale for 99 cents!). I answered a lot of questions, but the most popular were:

  1. What is Once Upon a Rhyme about?
  2. What age group is it for?
  3. How do I become a writer?

The first one is easy. Once Upon a Rhyme is a fun fractured fairy tale about what happens when the story goes completely off track.

As far as the age group, it’s certainly a book for adults but also appropriate for even young teenagers. There’s no sex and the violence is on a Monty Python level, but there are still some adult situations, as Prince Charming is having a tryst with Rapunzel when we first encounter him. My daughter is 8, and she loves the Scarlet Scoundrel.

The final question is a lot harder to address. The simple answer is write, write, write some more, get honest feedback, write, submit your writing for publication and if you get rejected, keep writing. The longer answer deserves a blog post of its own, and I’ll convey some of the Harry Heckel half of Jack’s story in the next week.

Before I go though, I want to share a few final pictures from New York:

Bishop, Lexie and Me

From Right to Left: Lexie Dunne, Harry Heckel (half of Jack) and Bishop O’Connell

NYCC Frozen

How could I resist? Awesome Frozen cosplayers!

NYCC Panel View

The view from my panel seat and yes, my hands were shaking. But it went really well.


Sharing is Caring

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