The Pitchfork of Destiny Arrives!

Posted on April 4, 2016 by Simon appleby

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pitchforkIn the immortal words of the Scarlet Scoundrel, “Aha!”

On April 5th, the ebook version of The Pitchfork of Destiny finally arrives on iTunes, for the Nook at Barnes & Noble, and for the Kindle on Amazon. This is the sequel to Once Upon a Rhyme and Happily Never After (now happily combined in A Fairy-tale Ending). On May 17th, it will be available in paperback, and we hope if you aren’t a fan of ebooks that you consider ordering from your local bookseller.

This book tells the story of the dragon Volthraxus and his arrival in the Kingdom of Royaume. Old friends from the first volume return as Will Pickett has his wedding plans ruined by a vengeful Wyrm and must turn to the only man in the kingdom who has ever studied how to slay a dragon: Charming. However, it’s Liz who ends up encountering another threat to the kingdom in the form of the Dracomancer, and she learns that the only way to pierce a dragon’s scales is with a weapon that has been bathed in the blood of a dragon.

If only Will hadn’t misplaced his pitchfork in the first book…

So, in this election year, when you are wondering about democracy and you want to take a break from hearing about candidates with large egos, you may want to spend some time reading about a dracomocracy led by a Dracomancer with a large ego, opposed by Charming who has another large ego…

(Please note: Any resemblance between the events of this book and the American election cycle is purely coincidental. We thought we were writing a fantasy.)

In any event, it has a wolf named Beo, a dragon named Volthraxus, an ox named Goliath and a menagerie of other exciting fairy-tale creatures, along with one of the coolest bands ever to visit a fairy-tale world. We might even have a puppet show.

Please join us as we return to Royaume for The Pitchfork of Destiny. Besides, don’t you want to own a book with a name like Pitchfork of Destiny?

Thank you!



Sharing is Caring

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