On The 1st Day

Posted on February 14, 2019 by John Peck

Sharing is Caring

Jack said let their be many prizes handed out. I want to thank all those that left comments on our website. I also want to thank everyone that engaged with us on Facebook or shared our post with others. All of you are eligible for swag!

For those of you who signed up for our news letter, old Jack will be sending you a personal email to see what size shirt you wear and where you want him to send it! For those of you that used Facebook expect a message from a Jack with the same request.

For those of you that haven’t engaged with us, let this be a reminder that Jack believes in the power of free stuff! And, that it isn’t too late to get in on the action. There are still 11 more days to count down to the Darkest Lord.

Tomorrow, join us as Jack’s West Coast arm discusses the state of Avery as we enter his final chapter. It’s a bit of a recap with perhaps a few hints as to what might be coming up as Avery comes face to face with The Darkest Lord.

All the Best,


Sharing is Caring

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