Days 8 & 9: Where We Realize We Should Be Counting Down Not Up

Posted on February 24, 2019 by John Peck

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Aha! So, you have been diligently logging in to follow Jack’s recent flurry of blog posts and you are beginning to ask, “What exactly is he up to?” The answer of course is celebrating the e-book release of Jack’s latest novel: The Darkest Lord. (Note, yesterday we pushed The Darkest Lord from the “What Will Be” into the “What Is” category. This is a sure sign that we at least believe it is close to being a “What Is” even if it hasn’t quite arrived yet.)

All joking aside, The Darkest Lord arrives on sale (again in e-book form only) on 2/26. (Wow! That’s only 3 days away!) It will be available in paperback form in early April. (April 2nd to be exact.) We are very excited, and a little sad, because as writers it marks the end of Avery’s trilogy. And, what a ride it has been.

We actually began writing The Dark Lord before we had finished the second Charming  Tales novel, Pitchfork of Destiny. At that time it was just a little snippet (basically what became the prologue of The Dark Lord). Over the next couple of months it expanded, through sheer exuberance, into the first four or five chapters of the novel. The incomplete story then sat on a shelf for about a year while we finished Pitchfork. It was a book we hoped to have a chance to write, but had no idea when we would have the time to get to it. Then Harper stepped in and asked us to write not one or two books about Avery Stewart, but three… in a row… like right now!

Since the first of the Mysterium Chronicles published in 2016 we have been living in Avery’s world as authors almost non-stop. I have to say, he is one of the most interesting characters I’ve ever written. And, now that we are so close to putting out the last word (at least for now) on his world, we thought it might be fun to summarize Avery’s evolution by giving you three quotes (one from each novel) from the man himself.


With that warningout of the way, and without further ado, here is Avery Stewart on Avery Stewart:

“Hello, my name is Avery Stewart and I am the Dark Lord.

If you have ever read any other accounts of dark lords or, gods forbid, been under the thumb of one yourself, your first thought should be, “What is a guy named Avery doing being a dark lord?””

The Dark Lord


“My name is Avery, and I am not the Dark Lord.

At least, that is what I muttered to myself as I stared at my reflection in the coffee shop window.”

The Darker Lord

“My name is Avery, and I wish I weren’t the Dark Lord.

It was a fervent wish. One that I repeated daily, but with no effect, because I was the Dark Lord, and the fact that I was—alongside a number of other regrettable life choices—probably explains why I was lying in a coffin listening to a voice, dry as death, calmly reciting my latest crimes against the multiverse.”

The Darkest Lord

Thanks Avery.

We hope these snippets whetted your appetite for more. We also hope you enjoy this latest chapter in Avery’s saga.

All the Best,


Sharing is Caring

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